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Rock'N Deli is the perfect place for your family to get together and experience outstanding food and service.
Rock'N Deli is one of North America's fastest growing deli restaurant chains. Since opening its doors in 1992, in a Carrefour Laval food court, the franchise is known for its famous old-fashioned smoked meat and high quality products. In 2015, Rock'N Deli started franchising their niche brand across Quebec and Ontario in food courts and street locations. Several franchisees own more than one location due to the success experienced.

Rock'N Deli is known for its famous old-fashioned smoked meat sandwiches prepared using a 30 year old family recipe.
Rock'N Deli's Blueprint is very easy to operate for the new franchisees.
Our salad bar features 12 choices of fresh salads, all prepared daily in-house, as well as up to 13 different chicken wrap options. The rich and unique flavour of the Rock'N Deli meats makes it a real delight for our customers.
We make it easy for our franchisees to join the Rock'n Deli family. We offer continuous training as well as full operational support all throughout the operation of the franchise – making it easier for those with no prior restaurant experience.

The investment is very minimal for new franchisees. The franchisor, with over 30 years of experience in the field, put in place an inexpensive concept of food court booths and storefront locations for its new franchisees.
Rock'N Deli has put in place a management system allowing the franchisees to be able to manage their locations at a distance in an easy and effective way. By doing so, the franchises can be aware of the profits and losses of their location on a daily basis.
Rock'N Deli's concept is a path to success as their locations are chosen in a strategic way depending on many social factors.

Rock'N Deli MTL Smoked Meat is a Montréal themed restaurant chain that is constantly raising the bar (pun intended) on food quality and service. We are growing quickly, with 13 locations across Quebec and Ontario and counting. Join the Rock'N Deli family today!
How to become a franchisee in 7 steps
Fill in the form
Fill in the online questionnaire to register your application.
A representative will contact you shortly
A development agent will communicate with you within 24 hours to discuss the potential development and answer any questions you have regarding the franchise
Your application will be sent to the developers
A sales agent will send out the franchise application form.
Your application will be submitted to our development team for approval.
Franchise approval
Once the franchise application form has been filled out, our internal team will study the candidate for approval.
Franchise agreement and legal documents
Once the franchisee is approved, our lawyers will be sending out the franchise agreement for review. After the agreement has been reviewed, it must be returned signed with a 50% deposit of the franchise fee (15 000$ + tax). Our real estate brokers will start working on finding you a potential location in the area you have chosen.
Finding your location
After receiving the signed franchise agreement with the deposit, our real estate agents will find a potential location in the area chosen. Once the location is found, lease negotiations begin, and your build out begins.
Official opening of your Rock'N Deli!
Your management team, and employees will begin their proper 4 week training. We will start organizing your "Official opening" event for your new Rock'N Deli!
When your Rock'N Deli will be up and running, we will offer you continuous support insuring the success of your business.
Sustainable business model
Rock'N Deli business model has proven itself to be sustainable and successful for 28 years, with an average guest check of $13.00
Slick and functional operation
Passionate, caring and dedicated staff is all that's needed: NO SPECIALIZED SKILLS, no university degree - it really is that simple!
Good salary for employees
Supervisors, managers, cooks and cashiers
easy mode
Our model is straightforward and easy to run

Rock'N Deli is a national brand with over 13 locations in Québec and Ontario. We have proven success with a rapid growth trend, and plan on staying ahead of our competition through our exceptional customer service and loyalty.
Montreal smoked meat is at the core of our business, and make up the majority of our sales. our smoked meat is not a commercial blend, but a truly unique family recipe.
We embrace those who share our vision and understand the true essence of the brand. We work collaboratively with our franchisees to build our business and we're constantly pushing to expand and take Rock'N Deli to new heights!

We have our distinctive signature blend of spices and flavours along with one of the most diverse menus in our segment, appealing to a wide range of consumer demographics. The Rock'N Deli brand is unique: the product is high in demand and hard to find.
In selecting Franchisees, we have and will continue to build Rock'N Deli based on referrals.
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