Rock’N Deli On Track To Open Over 10 New Locations by 2026

Rock’N Deli On Track To Open Over 10 New Locations by 2026!

Canadian Smoked Meat Franchise Rock’N Deli has announced its continued expansion throughout the country! Montreal Smoked Meat franchise Rock’N Deli serves a delectable range of Montreal-style smoked meat, club sandwiches, roast beef, submarines, wraps, breakfast and much more!

Our franchise is currently expanding Canada wide! In Canada, Rock’N Deli will be opening over 10 new locations, 9 locations in Ontario and 1 in Eastern Canada already confirmed, and more openings to be announced!

We will be opening our second Ontario location mid-November 2019 at 2583 St-Clair Ave West and a third in Milton, Ontario

We’re also opening one location in Moncton, New Brunswick in 2020.

Last but not least, you can expect seven new Rock’N Deli Halal locations across Mississauga, Ontario by 2026, two of which are set for 2020.

We will be expanding rapidly in the coming years with more restaurants to be opened throughout Canada and we are extremely excited!

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We look forward to a prosperous 2020 and beyond!

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